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Thirty years ago, a group of Hawaii-based runners created a trail running club, named the Hawaii Ultra Running Team (HURT). The eclectic band of runners would train together on Maui’s steep, jungle-covered mountains and then travel to the mainland to compete in ultras. In 2001, they decided to create an ultra of their own. And so the HURT … Continue reading "WATCH: The Story Behind
Hawaii’s Toughest Ultra"

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How much of ultra running is in the mind? In this post, experienced US ultra runner Nickademus...

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Since we spoke with Mike Arnstein last (in 2012!), he’s ran a Badwater/Vermont double, a handful of 2:3x marathons, ran a sub 13 hour 100 miler, retired from ultrarunning, moved to Hawaii, and most recently…won HURT. Wait, what? Mike is one of our most downloaded and asked about guests, and …

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