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Last year, my friend Josh Sun told me he was rolling out a brand-spankin’ new 100 mile race in the beautiful trails of Mines of Spain, located in Dubuque, Iowa, right along the Mississippi River. The race is called Mines of Spain 100 and if you think Iowa is all flat, this race will prove ... Read moreWhat I Learned as a First-Time Aid Station Captain

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Last year, my number one Trail Sister moved from Iowa City, Iowa to Fort Smith, Arkansas. Julie and I met while training for road marathons in 2012 and both became interested in running trails and ultramarathons at the same time. We were both at each other’s first ultras and supported each other at subsequent 50-milers […]

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It’s taken me months to write this and it took me just as long to figure out why. It’s not because I’m lazy – it’s because I’m scared. I’ve been very open about my battle with body image issues and how running helped – but “body image issues” is pretty vague. Not many know how […]

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